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Reply To: Main Problems in RF Optimization

Ishmael Mathinya

Poor call setups, call drops & ho drops.Call setup being a bit difficult to tackle but in a nutshell an Engineer should be able to drill down to the cause of that specific failure e.g. unsuccessful callsetup due to radio link failure, Assfail with revision to old channel & what constituted that, unsuccessfull tch connections due to blocking this also applies to HO related KPI and call drops.A typical example in case of a drop would be e.g was’it a ho drop due to downlink/uplink qual (i.e. which can be due to inteference then you need to visit your freq plan, was’it due to rf loss (expirer of a ms rf timer ) , lack of coverage. In a nutshell coverage holes, inteference if your allocated spectrum is s bit tight, in this regard you call fall to freq hopping if not implemented yet, Congestion & blocking which can be minimized by addition of Carrier units, implementation of congestion relief, directry retry etc, Adios Ishmael