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Reply To: BTS


Diversity is usually used to overcome a phenomenon called Multipath distortion.It uses two identical
>located a small distance apart, to provide coverage to the same
>Multipath Distortion
>Multipath interference occurs when an RF signal has more than one path
>between a receiver and a transmitter. This occurs in sites that have a
>large amount of metallic or other RF reflective surfaces.
>Just as light and sound bounce off of objects, so does RF. This means
>can be more than one path that RF takes when going from a TX to and RX
>antenna. These multiple signals combine in the RX antenna and receiver
>cause distortion of the signal.
>Multipath interference can cause the RF energy of an antenna to be
>high, but the data would be unrecoverable. Changing the type of
>and location of the antenna can eliminate multipath interference.
>One can relate this to a common occurrence in one’s car. As one pull
up to
>a stop, one may notice static on the radio. But as one moves forward a
>inches or feet, the station starts to come in more clearly. By rolling
>forward, one moves the antenna slightly, out of the point where the
>multiple signals converge.