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Reply To: Cell Planning


hi pix , tomar n vanderlay
could u pls look into my qestion

How many TRX can be connected in one E1?
each TRX needs 2 E1 time slots ( 64*2= 128 kbps )
each TRX needs needs 16 kbps for signalling , so 4 TRX can fit in 1 E1 time slot
so for 4/4/4 configuration 24 E1 time slots for actual voice traffic and 3 E1 time slots for signalling.
0 time slot for synchronization and 16th time slot for O&M link .

So, 24+3+2 = 29 time slots are occupied . We are left with only 3 E1 time slots . I can put one more TRX , again occupying 2 E1 time slots and the last one for signalling out of which 48 kbps is still free.
So , all in all we can connect 13 TRX at max with 1:4 multiplexing .

But , I have connected 14 TRX in one E1 in Nortel System .
And at the most we can connect 15 TRX in one E1 with LAPD concentrated mode 2 .

But I could not justify more than 13 TRX in one E1 logically.
pls explain.

1. What is 1:4 mulitplexing ?
2. What is 1:1 multiplexing in which we can at max 10 TRX at max( correct me if wrong )
3. What is LAPD concentrated mode 2?
4. Is it important that only 16th E1 time slot should be given for O& M link ?