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Reply To: BSS


i am working asa bts engineer in mnc
Mainly Ericsson’s RBS2202,Minilink-E also tell me the general questions which can be asked from any BSS Engineer during interview
I don’thave knowledge about VSWR.Plz tell me from where i can get information bout BER,vswr, Frame o/pand Antenna orientation.Plz tell me two TRX can handle how much traffic(maximum).can we measure VSWR without the help of site master/spectrum analyzar.Plz tell me what is the difference between cross polarized & normal polarized antenna.

what is circular polarizes antenna.
I need some information about Ericsson RBS 2202 , 2206 (configuration, installation, etc), in particular
I’m looking for infrastuctural/ Functional information on the hardware components involved in Ericsson 2206