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Reply To: Traffic Measurement and calculation

Naveed Shaikh

Dear Mahalingam
1. the formula for calculating Call Completion Ratio is
CCR= (CCS with answer(Out) + CCS Subs Busy+
CCS Unanswered)/ Out going Call Seizure

2.ASR(O.G)= CCS with Answer/Out
going Call Seizure

ASR(I.C)=CCS with Answer/Calls Carreied I.C

i DONT KNOW THAT THESE FORMULAS ARE according to ITU documents or not but these formulas are being applied by the Big Telecom operator in pakistan for EWSD and Ax-10(ericsson) switches.

I would like to know about ABR.
I will be thankful if you can send me The ITU recomendation docs

Naveed Shaikh
MUET jamshoro