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Traffic Measurement and calculation

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    How do we calclulate the following
    for 5ESS Local Switch from Lucent and AXE-10 from Ericsson with reference to the ITU document
    ITU-T 600. What are the counters that should be taken to calculate offered by these switches.

    ITU-T Recommendation E.600
    2.13 Completion ratio
    2.14 Answer Seizure Ration(ASR)
    2.15 Answer bid ratio (ABR)

    Naveed Shaikh

    Dear Mahalingam
    1. the formula for calculating Call Completion Ratio is
    CCR= (CCS with answer(Out) + CCS Subs Busy+
    CCS Unanswered)/ Out going Call Seizure

    2.ASR(O.G)= CCS with Answer/Out
    going Call Seizure

    ASR(I.C)=CCS with Answer/Calls Carreied I.C

    i DONT KNOW THAT THESE FORMULAS ARE according to ITU documents or not but these formulas are being applied by the Big Telecom operator in pakistan for EWSD and Ax-10(ericsson) switches.

    I would like to know about ABR.
    I will be thankful if you can send me The ITU recomendation docs

    Naveed Shaikh
    MUET jamshoro


    Dear Naveed,

    The ITU earlier known as (CCITT) documents are available here. The E600 is at

    If u are working with AX-10 Ericsson switch, the command and the counter which are used for calculating these parameters will be of much help


    can i use the following formula to calculate ASR ?

    ASR = Successful Calls / No. of bids. *100

    And, what are the possible reasons for lower or drop in ASR.

    And, what are the factors that can affect the ASR?


    I want to know different strategies that need to bbe adopted to improve ASR in EWSD exchabges.
    I am working at OMC and EWSD transits are connected to different exchanges like E10-B ,Huawei ,ZTE ,Ericson
    I want to know how can I improve ASR in different direction.What should I look at .


    how to calculate CER ? Please help me with the equation

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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