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Reply To: GOS

Pedro Saraiva dos Santos

Hello Kumar,

If a system is dimensioned with a GoS of 1%, that means that the maximum users rejected due to lack of resources is 1%, for a specified traffic offered or a number of traffic channels – See Erlang B table.

Example :
With 14 channels and a GoS = 1%, if you see the Erlang B table, you have an offered Traffic of 7,35 Erl. What that means ?

1) It means that if you have that offered traffic to the system, with that GoS of 1%, your system will carries (7,35-0.01*7,35)Erl.That value will be at the same time the median number of traffic channels occupied,in the busy hour traffic, 1 % of that traffic will be”refused” due to lack of resources.
2) In other words, with that traffic offered ( 7,35 Erl), you will that 1% of users, wouldn´t have access to the sistem.