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    Kindly explain the relation between GOS and Traffic by suitable examples.

    Pedro Saraiva dos Santos

    Hello Kumar,

    If a system is dimensioned with a GoS of 1%, that means that the maximum users rejected due to lack of resources is 1%, for a specified traffic offered or a number of traffic channels – See Erlang B table.

    Example :
    With 14 channels and a GoS = 1%, if you see the Erlang B table, you have an offered Traffic of 7,35 Erl. What that means ?

    1) It means that if you have that offered traffic to the system, with that GoS of 1%, your system will carries (7,35-0.01*7,35)Erl.That value will be at the same time the median number of traffic channels occupied,in the busy hour traffic, 1 % of that traffic will be”refused” due to lack of resources.
    2) In other words, with that traffic offered ( 7,35 Erl), you will that 1% of users, wouldn´t have access to the sistem.


    Hai Pedro,
    Can just clarify little more on GOS


    I would like to ask that if we have a five full availability trunk circuits which are offered 20 calls/hr and each call has a duration of 3min for example which is the GOW of the system .
    I m a little bit confused about the difference between the carried and the Offered traffic.
    In this example which is the offered traffic?
    I would be grateful if someone helped me with my query.
    IOannis Zompas

    Naveed Shaikh

    Dear Ioannis
    You can do this as follows

    offered load A (erlangs)= C * T
    where C= No of calls offered
    T = mean Duration of call

    taking the values of ur data

    A= (20*3*60)/3600
    A= 1 Erlang

    Using Engest formula since you have finite sources


    P.S:I need the comments of other experts that if this correct or Not.

    offered traffic is that which is attempted on the trunks

    and the carried traffic is which is answered

    Naveed Shaikh

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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