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Reply To: Switch Planning for GSM


hi maryam
i am also involved with 3G-wcdma
there few thing u shuld be clear .
1.what kind of switch u have ,i mean whos the vendor .well i am well versed with Huawei switches..
2.In huawei switches the capacity of MSc/vlr depends on the number of frames present in the cabinet…
3.if we want to knw how uch subscriber it can hande then it depends on vlr capacity(i.e there are boards related to it in msc ).so as far as my knowledge is concerned there is no seperate MSC/VLr traffic.we can say that the msc can handle X no. of subscribers……
there is no as such relation between HLr and VLr capacity..but it is most of the time greater tan the vlr capacity….

well this is details are according to my switch i think it shuld help u a bit well