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Reply To: Switch Planning for GSM


dear zone
as I understood from this email that a roamer want to use his HPLMN SHORT CODES LIKE VMS, CUSTOMER CARE SERVICE,ETC……
in this situation there must be an agreement between HPLMN And VPLMN in order to distinguish and translate the short code related to VPLMN INTO The HPLMN..

example : roamer from x country call 111 in the VPLMN ( y country ) —–> THIS NUMBER SHOULD BE TRANSLATED TO msisdn( in the MSC/VLR of the VPLMN ) since short codes can’t sent to international gateway only COMPLETE MSISDN number can be routed successfully in the international gateways .

Than an agreement should be done between PLMNS having international roaming and in this agreement they should specify their short codes and long codes related to each service in order to translated in the VPLMN and routed successfully to the HPLMN through international gateway MSC’s.