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Switch Planning for GSM

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    please..anyone know about the following:
    acceptable value of co-channel interference in GSM.

    how do they measure co-channel interference..from base station to base station or what

    whats we mean when we have A=55.3 erlang as example where A is traffic intensity

    N=i^2 + j^2 + i*j..where N is cluster size and (i,j) are +ve do we choose i and
    j …is (i AND j)determine the
    value of N or vice versa

    plz reply me ASAP at or here in this forum but i prefere in my email

    i need this info too much

    thx for all

    waleed mahjoub

    hi abhishek
    for which rbs series installation manuals you need?may be i can send them to you?


    hi waleed..can u give us your email plz

    thx very much


    Hello Waleed,
    i have gprs-ewsd, and one problem. what is a data that makes diferent from my side, to recognise when some roaming number want to have their short code for VMS (for instance)?


    dear (zone):at first sight you have siemens switch which name is ewsd which is network switch and the gprs is 2.5G (generation)of mobile system and the vms is voice mail service so i couldn’t recoginise what meant by your mail and what is the connection between them?so plz give me more details..


    Dear (Waleed,
    If there is a roamer in my network, and he use short code for vms, so that he can see messages from home plmn, my hlr receiving a some data. where can I see in this data what this subscriber want and how I recognize that, in my interrogation?


    Hello Zone,

    Still you are not explaining properly.

    If the MS has Call Forwarding to Voicemail then the Forwarded to Numbner ( VoiceMail) will be transfered from HLR to VLR While Location Update.

    And that too the call forwarding can happen if you defined the code in your MSC.




    I am new to this forum. I have worked with Ericsson TDMA product for a while. Currently, I am trying to learn BSS(on my own).
    If someone can guide me to a link or send me files for O&M BSC. I am also looking for some sort of help on how to connect a BTS to a BSC. Any help in getting to understand BSS will be greatly appreciated.
    My contact email address is


    dear zone
    as I understood from this email that a roamer want to use his HPLMN SHORT CODES LIKE VMS, CUSTOMER CARE SERVICE,ETC……
    in this situation there must be an agreement between HPLMN And VPLMN in order to distinguish and translate the short code related to VPLMN INTO The HPLMN..

    example : roamer from x country call 111 in the VPLMN ( y country ) —–> THIS NUMBER SHOULD BE TRANSLATED TO msisdn( in the MSC/VLR of the VPLMN ) since short codes can’t sent to international gateway only COMPLETE MSISDN number can be routed successfully in the international gateways .

    Than an agreement should be done between PLMNS having international roaming and in this agreement they should specify their short codes and long codes related to each service in order to translated in the VPLMN and routed successfully to the HPLMN through international gateway MSC’s.

    Khamisi Kalegele

    Hi Comrades,
    I’m working as a system audit for Celtel International based in Tanzania.Some of our concentric sites are experiencing very high congestions(23.4%) despite the fact that we have increased capacity for these sites.Traffic carried by these sectors is low.We are wondering
    what might be wrong with our sites configuration.Please someone help!!!!!!!!!!!!.


    hi there,you didn’t mention the configuration of the site and how many E1s’ used for this site?


    Hi anita,

    I work on Optimzation and Qos whith equipements ALACATEL since 2 years , may be i can help you if i know exactly informations that you need.

    Khamisi Kalegele

    Hi Waleed and Others
    The sites are in 2/2/2 configuration and 1 E1.We are using Alcatel Solution.


    hi Khamisi check the SDCCH number in DT of the site may be you need at add them…from 8 TO 12.

Viewing 15 posts - 211 through 225 (of 410 total)
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