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Reply To: Quintum Manual

wilson boyrie

There are whole manuals on the site as PDF files.
Look for the PDF files under the support tab on the quintum web site.

As per the voice propmts, you have low bandwith connection betwen the quintum and the IVR server.
Every time that the quintum needs a new file, it will download from the IVR server before it plays the audio propmt.
if you start with a clean Quintum, and the bandwith from the IVR server is low, you may have a timeout before the audio file is downloaded.

Once the quintum loaded up the file once, it will keep it on RAm until you power down the quintum or flush the memory.

Solutions: Create a IVR server on the same location than the quintum, using a old computer.
The files will load a lot faster, since you have at leat 10 mb of bandwith.

Get more bandwith to the net and the IVR server (expensive).

Get one of the newer quintums, that keep the files for the IVR on the unit itself, instead of downloading them on demand.

Good luck to you!!!