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Quintum Manual

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    hi guys.

    I have A800 tenor now and I have a hard time to config this device.

    I just wondering does anyone has A800 manual and can send it to me please ?

    My email address are

    really appreciate that




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    MikeM to Justin

    Did you ever try Quintum’s web site???

    You should really try going to the vendor’s site first as you will probably find the documents/manuals you are looking for. I found them within 5 seconds of getting to their site by simply going to support and clicking on the model type. Then all the available manuals were right there for my viewing and downloading pleasure.

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    hi Mike,

    I tried look for manual for A800 in Quintum’s website.

    I saw there are some web help document in Quintum’s website, but I think this does not solve my problem. So I prefer to get A800 manual and take a closer look.

    Anyway, my problem is like this. I configured A800 a week ago, and I found that it has problem getting voice prompt files.

    The Quintum cannot get all the voice prompt files at once, I need to call to the Quintum many times in order to fetch all the necessary voice prompt files.

    I don’t really know what is going on as I checked the configuration many times already.


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    wilson boyrie

    There are whole manuals on the site as PDF files.
    Look for the PDF files under the support tab on the quintum web site.

    As per the voice propmts, you have low bandwith connection betwen the quintum and the IVR server.
    Every time that the quintum needs a new file, it will download from the IVR server before it plays the audio propmt.
    if you start with a clean Quintum, and the bandwith from the IVR server is low, you may have a timeout before the audio file is downloaded.

    Once the quintum loaded up the file once, it will keep it on RAm until you power down the quintum or flush the memory.

    Solutions: Create a IVR server on the same location than the quintum, using a old computer.
    The files will load a lot faster, since you have at leat 10 mb of bandwith.

    Get more bandwith to the net and the IVR server (expensive).

    Get one of the newer quintums, that keep the files for the IVR on the unit itself, instead of downloading them on demand.

    Good luck to you!!!

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    hi, thank you for the replies

    I tried to put the other IVR server on the same segment of the Quintum and it is not improving.

    I am pretty sure we have enough bandwidth for quintum to get IVR files.

    Any ideas what is cause the problem ?
    Me and my colleagues have never see anything like this before

    Thanks guys

    #30489 Reply
    Wilson Boyrie

    If you have the IVR server on the same segment that the Quintum gateway, and still have troubles,for sure is not the bandwith.
    My experience with the low bandwith issue is like this:

    You place a call to the Quintum, the call get answered, and when the gateway tries to give you the balance or the ammount of minutes, the file is not present.
    The Quintum time out, and you get a error message.
    If you call right back, now the file finished downloading and the prompt will play properly.

    But if you change the ammoount of minutes or the balance on the billing, forcing the Quintum to play a diferent propmt,the trouble will show again.

    After a while, all the prompts will be played at least once, and for that reason they will be on the memory of the unit.
    All this could be seen on the log if you enable the event log to see the IVR function.

    Best luck

    Wilson Boyrie.

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    I tried that, instead of giving me error message.

    The call just went silent for a moment and then hung up.

    Then when I checked the event log in Quintum, it said “CVManagerProc(P51): Play failed – timed out waiting for the voice file” whenever it tried to downloaded files

    If I call again right away, the needed file is present and can proceed.

    I guess the symptons is similar to low bandwidth problem instead I put IVR server in the same segment as the Quintum

    So I still don’t know what is the problem causing it.



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    I want to help Quintum A800 Configure ie One side FXS and other side FXO or Both side FXS/FXO.

    Please Sussest.

    #30492 Reply
    MikeM to Tuhin


    I am not sure I understand your question. The A800 (older unit) will have 8 FXS ports and 8 FXO ports, however, it will only support 8 total calls over IP, but you can configure both the fxs and fxo.


    #30493 Reply

    When we are trying to temrinate calls to Quitum we are getting like resurce unavailable what is the issue behind that?..

    #30494 Reply

    I have an a800 quintum and using a gsm box for the inbound call but if a call was made the called party was ringed but if it is answred the call is blanked and then disconnected after a while

    #30495 Reply
    MikeM to anton


    This could be many things. The first thing that comes to mind is an incompatibility between the quintum and the other voip device. There are some setting you can try playing around with in the H323 area that may help.

    I really cannot say too much else without looking at logs and config.

    Mike M

    #30496 Reply
    anton to mike

    Thanks a lot mike I tried some config what happen is sometimes it works sometimes is still the same i have enough bandwith so i think its not the this is the situation I mixed some port with proper line and some gsm the gsm sometimes work but the land line always got the 1st problem it can ring then blanked and disconnected after a while.

    #30497 Reply

    How can I get logs from gw Quintum?

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