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Reply To: delaying a dial string for quintum a800

Wilson Boyrie

Normal situatuion in loop start.

When the persons that receives the call hung up firstk there is no indication traveling “back” to the quintum to tell the Quintum that it is time to call it quits.

The party controlling the call is the VOIP side, or the person that called in the first place.

You could enable “answer and disconnect”, but only works if you hear some diconnect tone on the line when the called person hangs up first.

To see if your line will work that way, do this test.
Pick up the phone, and call a person on the same city where the quintum is at (a local call, like the Quintum will be making).
Wait for the answer, and tell the other party to hang up. Listen on the line. Is there a “disconnected tone”?????
IF there is one, it will work.
If you get just silence, it will not work.

Welcome to the world of analog lines, where almost nothing is perfect.

Wilson Boyrie