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delaying a dial string for quintum a800

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    desmond mendoza

    hello, masters of quintum:

    can someone help me out on how quintum a800 delay a dialling scheme, say, delaying for 2 seconds before the next digit is being processed on the PSTNTG lamrep pattern?

    I would like to overcome the IVRS message of my Prepaid telco lines that asks for a PIN number before dialling the nos.

    Possibly can I insert some digits in the Lamrep that will wait for the prompt, before giving the telco the PIN number?

    Did someone done this before? I could not pass the call because the IVRS needs some time to recognize the prepaid pin nos.

    Many thanks to you.



    You should check out Quintum’s web site under the customer service as there is an application note for this. You can find it at;


    Hi, Mike

    Many thanks!

    I have it done and running.

    I was able to pass the IVRS prompt and make the line dial the correct digit and have the call.



    Hi, again!

    My remaining probs is that gateway do not end the call properly.

    Even though the called number already end the call, box is still engaged as can be seen in ch calls command.

    the signalling is loopstart. Also when the calling number is the one who hangsup, the box properly ends the line.

    what can be wrong?



    Wilson Boyrie

    Normal situatuion in loop start.

    When the persons that receives the call hung up firstk there is no indication traveling “back” to the quintum to tell the Quintum that it is time to call it quits.

    The party controlling the call is the VOIP side, or the person that called in the first place.

    You could enable “answer and disconnect”, but only works if you hear some diconnect tone on the line when the called person hangs up first.

    To see if your line will work that way, do this test.
    Pick up the phone, and call a person on the same city where the quintum is at (a local call, like the Quintum will be making).
    Wait for the answer, and tell the other party to hang up. Listen on the line. Is there a “disconnected tone”?????
    IF there is one, it will work.
    If you get just silence, it will not work.

    Welcome to the world of analog lines, where almost nothing is perfect.

    Wilson Boyrie

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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