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Reply To: Good Softswitch/Billing

Wilson Boyrie

“Only guys with Russian names recomend it”.

Well, that is a first,being called Russian.
Anyway, for the very little that I know about Russians, it may be a compliment.
I did not buy the Datatech Labs, I rent it.
Hosted billing.Yeaph, you may not get a lot of people answering the phones.
They are located in Latvia,like you said, and there are not too many.
But the bloody thing works!!!! I needed support only at the beggining, and for minor operator errors.
On the other hand, with Advanced Voip Billing, you get no support,and the darn thing crash when the wind blows.

Could be better ones out there, but $100 k dollars is out of my budget.

Do not blame the Chevrolet car for not being able to beat the Ferrari.
My Chevy is better than walking!!!

Wilson Boyrie.