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Good Softswitch/Billing

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    Hi there , currently have 16E1 Quintum CMS and thinking of buying billing software which can do prepaid,postpaid,ip-to-ip , callcards,invoice,crm,management,accounting etc , wholesale.

    Willing to spend up to $15k. Looks like Sysmaster is the only one with all the functions.

    Is there any better software or anything good in the market like this ?

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    Teodor Georgiev

    SysMaster is the only one with all the problems, not functions 🙂

    Try the billing software of DataTechLabs. A very reliable one.
    We use it with Quintum, Cisco, MERA. I think it can bill also SIP.

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    If you are going to do it for 15k, you may want to go to a service provider who offers billing with the crm.

    Everything you mention is pretty standard with all the billing solutions, so you should be flexible and look at a number of solutions.

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    Wilson Boyrie

    Stay away from Advanced VOIP billing, unless you like pain and suffering.
    The support of the product is a pile of ***p,they do not even answer the phones during the Muslim holidays.
    They claim that they have technicians on the US, but really answer the phones in Pakistan.
    I use Data Techs Labs on my Quintum, with moderate loading and so far no mayor troubles.
    Best luck!!!

    Voicemaster???? Be sure that you talk with people that neededed support from them.

    Wilson Boyrie.

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    Gregory W

    Wilson dont u take off during christmax?…I hope so….
    and dont forget Philips, Microsoft, Toshiba and some depts of wells fargo attend their calls in Ireland…..btw u hav probs with muslims or their holidays or with advanced voip?
    Is that wat v call professional?


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    To Greg

    Yes, Greg, I take off during “christmax”. if posible.
    But if a paying customer, one that already apid for support, have a emergengy, is completely out of bussines, adn requiere my help, someone will be on call on my company to take care of troubles.
    Right now my parter is on vacation, and I am very alert that no customer is being left without service.
    But on the case of advanced voip billing, I apid for a system with 24 hours support, for a full year, chistian and muslin holidays incluided.
    But when my system went down because work that they did on a server, I stay down for several days when they keep telling me that I needed more memory on the machine that worked perfect before.
    ( I stopped a 4 gig of memeory)
    During the many days that it took them to find a minor trouble,I found out extrange that every few hours they will not answer the phones or IM, for a while.
    When I realized that their “internet outage” was always at the same time, several times a day, I found out what the trouble was.
    Now, since you mentioned the holidays, that is the time when calling cards operators have the heaviest call volume.Even if I wanted to take off, I cannot just close the shop and leave.

    That company will take your money and provide a working product, that have troubles from the beggining.
    The support that they will give after the sale is not what you requiere if you are running a bussiness.

    1)They only work during Pakistan office hours. Someone may answer the phones during other times, but nothing gets done until the real techs arrive during the Pakistani normal day.

    2)During the day (after midnight in the US), any troubleshooting or phone conversation in progress will be interrupted by extrange “internet troubles”, several times a day, at the same time.You figure that out.

    3)Any trouble, does not matter what it is , requiere a bigger server, more memory or more bandwith. If you have a T1 you need even more. A server what worked flawesly with 500 MB of memory all the sudden need up to 4 GIGABYTES of RAM, and that is not a guaranty .

    4)No phone support.They want to IM them, and after many hours waiting for a response, if you call by phone, they claim that the person that was working on your trouble left. Try calling back tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5) Technicians use a pool of fake names, that they share. One day you talk to Charlie, and spend three hours trying to make something work.
    Next day you get Charlie again, there is only one of them acording to the guy on the line, but he does not remember you at all, or worse, he was not working yesterday.
    Bunch of crooks under fake names, hiding on the internet, under a Los Angeles phone number.

    6)And the point that offended you ,yes do not try to call or e-mail during those 40 days of whatever.They will not respond, or work on any trouble that you have during those days.

    Now, is this the systme that you will rely to do the billing of your company???????

    As a after note, seems like the software was built by one person or group, that was very good at it.
    The system is incredible complex, very well planned, and takes care of many details.
    But the people taking care of it today could not be the ones that developed it. Their ignorance about the system shows it.

    I do not intend to offend any religion or group with the posting, but 40 days of whatever is too long to wait for support that I already paid for.

    Even on memorial day,July the 4th or december 24th to January 2nd, you should have a working company.

    This guys do not have that.

    Best regards.

    Wilson Boyrie

    #29737 Reply
    Gregory W

    I replied to your post specially your line “”they do not even answer the phones during the Muslim holidays”” …. I think a Normal person would get it like you have any problem with Muslim Holidays …. I think it is better to say “I apid for a system with 24 hours support, for a full year”…….Yes, I can understand your problems so we should stay away from AdvancedVoIP…



    #29738 Reply
    To Greg and everyone

    My apologies to everyone, regarless of naciolality or religion belief if I offended them with my posting.
    I guess I could had posted “they seem to dissapear for 40 days each year”,that could have been politically correct.
    I will had blasted any one, american, european, believer or not that give such a poor service.
    And will have praised to Ala and God anyone that provide what they promised.

    A little known fact about the billing system:

    It takes several seconds to update the database once a call is finished.

    If you enable the option to make two calls without hanging up, the database still trying to catch up when the second call authorization message comes in.
    Result: You buy a $5 dollar card, talk for $4.90, hang up and you are able to make a second call for the original $5:00.

    The workaround increases the ammount of cycles of the update to the database to a point that the system chokes with around 10-15 calls at the same time, does not matter how good a CPU you have.

    Best regards to all.

    Wilson Boyrie.

    #29739 Reply

    I can only say, stay away from Data TechLabs!!!!

    If anyone recommends it, it’s probably someone working for them.
    try getting support form them.
    I don’t know Advanced VOIP and Sysmaster, but Data TechLabs support is good for nothing, bunch of students from Latvia.
    If you operate from eastern europe, you may get along, but for US based company forget it.
    No wonder only guys with russian names recommend it…

    #29740 Reply
    Lance D

    DataTechLab gives you only 2 month support, which is about enough to just get installation completed.
    Then you have to pay to be able to use their support, right before you even start your business.

    #29741 Reply


    Please email me at This is urgent. We have spoken before but things are serious now and I need your assistance. It seems your email is no longer accepting mail so I don’t know what the deal with that is.

    This is about the assitance you were going to give me in setting up my Calling card business.

    Thank you,


    #29742 Reply
    Wilson Boyrie

    “Only guys with Russian names recomend it”.

    Well, that is a first,being called Russian.
    Anyway, for the very little that I know about Russians, it may be a compliment.
    I did not buy the Datatech Labs, I rent it.
    Hosted billing.Yeaph, you may not get a lot of people answering the phones.
    They are located in Latvia,like you said, and there are not too many.
    But the bloody thing works!!!! I needed support only at the beggining, and for minor operator errors.
    On the other hand, with Advanced Voip Billing, you get no support,and the darn thing crash when the wind blows.

    Could be better ones out there, but $100 k dollars is out of my budget.

    Do not blame the Chevrolet car for not being able to beat the Ferrari.
    My Chevy is better than walking!!!

    Wilson Boyrie.

    #29743 Reply
    Teodor Georgiev


    1. I am using DTL billing and I think I am enough “popular” person for a lot of people in this business to know that I am not working for them.

    2. Their product works well. Support is rarely needed.

    3. I am a Bulgarian, not a russian. Looks like geography has always been a weak place in the US education system… …

    #29744 Reply
    Slawek to teodor georgiev

    waht are popular with?
    yiu have big web site?
    i c u in every forum, alwayas smart, but what u do?

    #29745 Reply
    Lance D

    I will agree with Moore on DataTechLab.
    Nothing but unpleasant expirience.
    I could not talk to a person with good english ever.

    But if worked for others, God blesss. I will stick to whatever works for us for now.
    DataTechLab did not.

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