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Reply To: Good Softswitch/Billing

To Greg and everyone

My apologies to everyone, regarless of naciolality or religion belief if I offended them with my posting.
I guess I could had posted “they seem to dissapear for 40 days each year”,that could have been politically correct.
I will had blasted any one, american, european, believer or not that give such a poor service.
And will have praised to Ala and God anyone that provide what they promised.

A little known fact about the billing system:

It takes several seconds to update the database once a call is finished.

If you enable the option to make two calls without hanging up, the database still trying to catch up when the second call authorization message comes in.
Result: You buy a $5 dollar card, talk for $4.90, hang up and you are able to make a second call for the original $5:00.

The workaround increases the ammount of cycles of the update to the database to a point that the system chokes with around 10-15 calls at the same time, does not matter how good a CPU you have.

Best regards to all.

Wilson Boyrie.