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Reply To: all the same


I agree that if you want to run a VOIP telecom company you better have a support contract with the manufacturer or contract a group that are experts in configuring and maintaining the equipment. The bottom line is your service to your end users is only as good as the engrs. & techs supporting your organization & the quality of the the S/W,B/W & equipment. Also cheap equipment is just that, Cheap & unreliable. There is a reason why Cisco is #1 and the rest are imitations in this market. Besides the big telco’s use Cisco so why wouldn’t you want to be 100% compatible with them & have a supported product. The smaller guys can use the new IP-to-IP SIP/H323 gateway from Cisco which runs on several routers & a SQL billing system. How often have you seen a Cisco router fail to work once configured properly and running? Any questions happy to do by best to answer them