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all the same

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    depends on what are you looking to do with the equipment.
    If we are talking about calling card gateway and billing, quintum can not compare to sysmaster.
    I could not find Callback equvalent in Quintum.
    for passthru traffic only , may be.

    As far as support, no suggestions.
    so far i have not received good support from any of the vendors i have tried. Nortel could not configure their own H323 switch, cisco keeps asking for paid support…and don’t even mention welltech, still sitting in my closet.

    it looks like the industry is young and they are all the same.
    If you can learn how to operate your equpment, you can avoid frustration with support.

    Teodor Georgiev

    Industry is not young. It is reliable and works very well.

    You just try to get “something for nothing”.

    A lot of companies provide qualified support. From your words it looks like you do not like to pay for it.

    Let me give you a case. You buy a car (Ford, Honda, Mazda, Opel). You are not a car mechanic, no experience.
    Every car gets broken. Even if not – you have to maintain it periodically (change oil, brake supports, air filter/oil filter/fuel filter).

    It is fair to go to Ford or Honda- asking to do those things for you for free????????????????
    Just because you have bought the car from them?

    The problem is at your side, dude. Completely at your side.
    Do not blame the industry 🙂


    I agree with Teodor on this. I have been in the telecomm business for over 20 years and I have never seen anything like the customers who want to start using VoIP. For the most part these people are highly uninformed people who know nothing of VoIP or Telecom and want to start up a business with it because someone told them it was easy to do.

    They all want the equipment for the cheapest they can possibly get (that is why they buy it on ebay and on the used market) and they all need support because they do not have the technical know how and they want it for free from the manufacturer.

    They never stop and think that most manufacturers make little money on selling equipment, but they try to make up the money on support.

    If these companies were to just give support away for free, then they would not be around for much longer.


    All the same?
    thats an excuse for mfr who dont provide support.
    fact is Quintum actually supports their products. So does cisco.


    San to Teodor Georgiev

    the problem is not at my side dude.
    i have no problems, as a matter of fact if read my words , I said if you learn how to operate your equpment you won’t need support.
    i don’t know where you are from, but I will give you few toll free numbers for support centers, and you tell me how long it took to answer any questions you have.
    I worked in cisco support center for 2 years, and I know about queue times and paid support very well. It’s quite different than the opel exapmle you give me, which is completely irelevant.


    I agree that if you want to run a VOIP telecom company you better have a support contract with the manufacturer or contract a group that are experts in configuring and maintaining the equipment. The bottom line is your service to your end users is only as good as the engrs. & techs supporting your organization & the quality of the the S/W,B/W & equipment. Also cheap equipment is just that, Cheap & unreliable. There is a reason why Cisco is #1 and the rest are imitations in this market. Besides the big telco’s use Cisco so why wouldn’t you want to be 100% compatible with them & have a supported product. The smaller guys can use the new IP-to-IP SIP/H323 gateway from Cisco which runs on several routers & a SQL billing system. How often have you seen a Cisco router fail to work once configured properly and running? Any questions happy to do by best to answer them

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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