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Reply To: IP Telephony vs Voice Over IP



Thanks for replying. The definitions of both voip and ip telephony I wouldn’t either definte it like that. With the bunch of info that I got vs the answer of that person of x company, that’s why I asked you, because what I read and understand so far is the same thing with different names and people use it interchangeably; another thing is that in the info it mention the same protocols, benefits and features. Like I said, this why I asked you and the info the company gave me didn’t quite convince me.

One site that I look for the definition is and state that internet telephony, ip telephony and voice over ip is the same thing. (Not exactly in this word but if you read it is something like that).

When you said that is not mandatorily the internet, it could be a company LAN, what are you refering by company LAN?

Thanks in advanced,