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Reply To: Real Sysmaster please stand up!

1st hand VM Experience

You must be an employee of Sysmaster. Your statement is a lie and defensive just like every other comment that comes from support or Boris. Everyone knows that Sysmaster didn’t sell a product to a REAL CLEC until summer of 2004. Once again another lie.
I have too much respect for the CLEC’s that have actually purchased so I won’t risk their names and business on this forum. Heck if your so proud of the service place your company name and contact information on here so everyone can call you for a verbal reference. You should probably hurry up and make a false number through the Sysmaster PBX and set up a fake company; oh, that’s what they do for references as well. Try again. Also, maybe you could share your successful infrastructure with the rest of us. How exactly have you incorporated VoiceMaster (2 years ago) to a traditional CLEC environment? It didn’t exist 2 years ago.