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Reply To: Sending all but some prefixes with D3000


Thank you.

I was able to build this scheme using GNU Gatekeeper (thanks to

It looks stupid (scheme, not gatekeeper!) because I had to prepend all calls with country code using D3000’s config sys# settings (actually, any prefix will help), parse all calls at GNU GK, delete some prefixes (like country code+interested prefix) and then allow only calls without such country code prefix.
But it works. Maybe it will help somebody who needs similar scheme.

Ahh. I become more and more impressed with D3000’s weird logic.
Who said Quintum that their equipment should prepend all calls with countrycode+areacode and just delete long distance and international prefixes? Due to this called numbers starting to look like:

1. intlprefix+E164 ->(transformed into)-> countrycode+areacode+E164 but D3000 should just strip it of intlprefix and transform to that E164 part
2. ldprefix+national destination code+subscriber number -> countrycode+areacode+national destination code+subscriber number when it should be like countrycode+national destination code+subscriber number (E164) after transformation

The only calls it works right with are local ones:

3. subscriber number -> countrycode+areacode+subscriber number

But should I complain? No, I think. Because it seems that anybody who was able to make something operational with such buggy equipment will be able to use any other equipment without any problems. It’s just like learning kung-fu with lead pieces attached to legs and jumping over trees later after removing such load. 🙂