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Reply To: Re: Voicemaster sucks

Hamed Nik


I can tell i am amongs one of their first customers comming back from version 1.

Every time you do an upgrade a new thing happens!

I have tons of emails where VM support people have admitted that the problem occured which damaged my business at those occasions were their fault.

For example, the very last one i discovered was a “pattern” in their pin generation algorithm which was predictable by end-users!!!

I for one have a very strong case if i make it to the court with them, but i dont have the time to battle this! If someone can help me with their horrible experiences to sue them as a group then it would be stronger for one thing, also its easier for all!

We pay to their support to solve the problems they have caused us by their careless upgrades!

In one occasion i lost a deal worthing about $300,000 because of them, but who is to answer to that! We must take them to court in USA and i am in UK which adds to the difficulties!