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Reply To: VoIP Billing Systems


Billing from AVB:

WHat they will do for you: They willinstall the system for yu remotelly.
You install Linux on a computer, give them access over the internet, and they will install the system for you, free of charge.

THey will call back within days or hours, asking for payment , to enable the system for production.

Be rady to test the system for real, you ill need the time, and they will ask for payment in matter of two or three days.

Support: You better be familiar with all the religiuos holidays in Pakistan. DO not expect any support those days.

Do not change anything on your system on Ramadan, or wathever the name. You will no be able to contact them during that time.

The system works, it is complex, does a lot.

The help menu on the system is useless, the online help does not help much.

The technicians that repair the system seems to know the system well.

If you do have trouble with accents when talking to someone,want very clear english language and dislike communications issues, think twice!!!!!

They have US phone numbers, but seems to be located mainly in Pakistan.

The MSM address for customer support have very long periods when you could not reach anyone, specially around Muslim holidays.

Good luck!!!!!