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VoIP Billing Systems

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    I have a few questions to ask to the experts here:)

    I would like to setup 8 voice circuits across the internet. I am thinking of using teh Quintum A800 on both ends.

    Can someone confirm if using the Quintom A800 a quality and economical solution or suggest/recommend an alternative?

    I would also like to integrate a VoIP Billing Software/System to the Quintom A800.

    Can someone recommend an appropriate an optimum VoIP Billing Software/System? Are there any free downloads or pirated versions available?

    What is your opinion about Advanced VoIP Billing Software (AVB)?




    Billing from AVB:

    WHat they will do for you: They willinstall the system for yu remotelly.
    You install Linux on a computer, give them access over the internet, and they will install the system for you, free of charge.

    THey will call back within days or hours, asking for payment , to enable the system for production.

    Be rady to test the system for real, you ill need the time, and they will ask for payment in matter of two or three days.

    Support: You better be familiar with all the religiuos holidays in Pakistan. DO not expect any support those days.

    Do not change anything on your system on Ramadan, or wathever the name. You will no be able to contact them during that time.

    The system works, it is complex, does a lot.

    The help menu on the system is useless, the online help does not help much.

    The technicians that repair the system seems to know the system well.

    If you do have trouble with accents when talking to someone,want very clear english language and dislike communications issues, think twice!!!!!

    They have US phone numbers, but seems to be located mainly in Pakistan.

    The MSM address for customer support have very long periods when you could not reach anyone, specially around Muslim holidays.

    Good luck!!!!!


    it will better for u to yse sysmaster for better performance.her you can use cisco gateway or any other devices

    Honza Vomacka

    For a single Quintum Tenor buying your own real billing solution would be an overkill. And buying the “complete VoIP billing for $500” is just a waste of money. I would suggest going for a hosted billing solution, where you can get a good VoIP billing for relatively low monthly payment, and using it until you will have enough traffic to pay for your own system. There are plenty of providers who can provide hosted PortaBilling or VoiceMaster.

    voip god

    i need some hosted voip company name.


    Honza Vomacka

    Just type “hosted voip billing” in google…


    Why not just use Linux and put Asterisk (
    on it and Digium hardware?

    Cheaper, less hassle and you get more BANG for your buck…

    Asterisk is Free.


    Take a look at WEBCDR, good company, great response and great prices, you just send radius packets to the provided radius server and that is the end of the story, you can even prepare billing from the web service.

    Honza Vomacka

    shido – I think the subject of this thread clearly states “VoIP billing”. What does Asterisk has to do with it?

    VM2000 Great Billing

    One of the good things about the Voicemaster is the quality of the Radius AAA billing, I have nothing bad to say about this development, it works very accurate, you have great granularity on the database administration to set-up accounts and bill them based in diferent scenarios and the system back-up daily cdr’s to upload them to any alternative database system for further analysis.
    Definitely a good system to consider for Billing.


    actually, sysmaster is built from ( H323) and ( SIP ).
    just some modifications here and there


    Based on your experience on Gnu.GK H323, could you tell us what you think about the gatekeeper itself, is it a robust solution? what are the weakness, what are the good things about it?

    Noname to VOIP guy and Saul

    Question for you guys:

    Are you saying that the sysmaster is only a PC/server running the same software that I could get for $30 dollars (Asterisk), with some modifications???
    And the gateway is only a Asterisk box on steroids with a Digium T1 or E1 card????
    For the price that they are asking for their gateways, I could pay myself to sit and learn Asterisk for a very looong time.
    Any comments apreciated.


    There is a lot of development and integration with database, I like the voicemaster it works for me, and I think it cost the money I paid for it.
    So far I have been able to pay it in full with traffic generated on the platform and also get some extra income, at this point I am trying to get more out of it partitioning the box.
    There are failures and bugs that get continuosly covered with new upgrades to the firmware but that is expectable, if you read carefully my postings were related to Sysmaster Support and the database that used to lock up in my machine, however that is not happening anymore, now for people that does not need a voicemaster or has the money to pay for one I would love to post all the information on radius accounting and asterisk management using Digium cards for them.
    I hope that answers your question.
    my question? are you a hardware vendor or a user seeking for help?

    Noname to Saul

    Plain old user, not a vendor. Do not have anything to sell.
    I was directed to sysmaster gateways as a way to receive calls via VOIp and play an IVR prompt to the caller.
    But I decided to investigate more on the posibility of using a Asterisk, since at that point, the call did not go trought the billing yet, then the posibility of hackers or fraud is minimun.

    Good luck Saul!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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