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Reply To: Tenor AX – FXS phone to FXO line call


I am trying to do the same with an ASM400. I want to be able to call the phones hooked up to the FXS port by an extension number.

Lets say, i want to call from FXS 1 port (extension 10), to FXS 2 port (extension 11), and so on…

what do i need to do to make this possible ?

2) if i call from a outside gateway can i reach the phone on port 1 ?

3) how does one identify the ports to the extensions internally. (match them up)

4) if I have a standard pbx and i want to add a virtual line with dial tone I use take the cable from the FXS port to the Panasonic trunk line ? or do i take the FXO port ?

thanks for your help