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Tenor AX – FXS phone to FXO line call

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    I have a Tenor AX with 8 FXO and 8 FXS. For testing purposes, I hooked up three phones on the FXS ports, and 2 internal PABX lines to the FXO. I’ve got to the point where I can call between FXS phones using 4-digit private numbers, but I couldn’t figure out how I can call the FXO lines and get a dial tone, so I can call any number in the PABX. I am not even sure now if I got the FXO configuration right. I have the following questions if there is some who can give me some directions or tips maybe.

    1. How can I assign a 4-digit number to the FXO line, so from the FXS phone, I’ll dial that number and I’ll get a second dial tone? Then I can dial any number I want on the PABX it is connected to.

    2. Same thing if I am coming from my PABX, I’ll dial that number assigned to the port connected to the FXO, then I’ll get a dialtone and I can dial any of the 4-digit FXS phone?

    3. Which event log should I look at to give me an idea of the problem?

    Would really appreciate any sample configuration, or configuration tips.

    Thank you!


    As far as I know, you could not asign a “trunk access number” to the FXO ports.

    You should instead program the LAM table with the numbers that should be routed to that FXO.

    If the calls that you need to send to the FXO ports start with area code 722, plus digits, enter the LAM like 722*.

    That will send the calls that begin with 722* that way.

    Another optionis enter the numbers on the “bypass” table.That is the table keeping the numbers that you do not want to go VOIP, like 911 etc.

    On the bypass table, enter the first few digits of the calls that need to go from PBX to PSTN.

    To call the FXO and get a secondary dial tone:

    Put those ports on a group , and asigna the IVRtype as a “secondary dial tone”

    You will dial the number connected to the FXO port, it will ring once and get the secondary dial tone from the Quintum.

    You are now free to call anywhere, local extension or VOIP to the rest of the world.


    I am trying to do the same with an ASM400. I want to be able to call the phones hooked up to the FXS port by an extension number.

    Lets say, i want to call from FXS 1 port (extension 10), to FXS 2 port (extension 11), and so on…

    what do i need to do to make this possible ?

    2) if i call from a outside gateway can i reach the phone on port 1 ?

    3) how does one identify the ports to the extensions internally. (match them up)

    4) if I have a standard pbx and i want to add a virtual line with dial tone I use take the cable from the FXS port to the Panasonic trunk line ? or do i take the FXO port ?

    thanks for your help


    Thank you for your reply noname.

    I got the dial-out via FXO working using the prefix pattern in the LAM table. Still curious though if that IVRtype=”2nd dial tone” setting can be applied to calls before they go out via FXO..

    For calling into the FXO line, I can get the dial-tone now, but I can’t dial the FXS number after that. Do you think there could be any particular setting I need to change from default?

    thanks for the help.


    hmm.. interesting..

    when I dial the number connected to the FXO, I hear a dial tone, but as I press any number, it doesn’t seem to register or get accepted…

    is there anyone who can help me out on this one?



    is there any one who can help me to configure tenor ax 800 I dont have any dialtone



    If you would like me to provide configuration services, please contact me at

    I have a lot of experience with Quintum equipment.



    I am able to make outbound call on my ax unit but i can receive any inbound calls it will give me a message saying that it is busy.
    what can I do please assist me in the config I could let u go into the unit.



    If you would like some assistance with this, you may contact me at


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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