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Reply To: Tenor AX – FXS phone to FXO line call


As far as I know, you could not asign a “trunk access number” to the FXO ports.

You should instead program the LAM table with the numbers that should be routed to that FXO.

If the calls that you need to send to the FXO ports start with area code 722, plus digits, enter the LAM like 722*.

That will send the calls that begin with 722* that way.

Another optionis enter the numbers on the “bypass” table.That is the table keeping the numbers that you do not want to go VOIP, like 911 etc.

On the bypass table, enter the first few digits of the calls that need to go from PBX to PSTN.

To call the FXO and get a secondary dial tone:

Put those ports on a group , and asigna the IVRtype as a “secondary dial tone”

You will dial the number connected to the FXO port, it will ring once and get the secondary dial tone from the Quintum.

You are now free to call anywhere, local extension or VOIP to the rest of the world.