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Reply To: Help A800

MikeM to Shuk Shari


Lampattern is also called HopOff pattern. This is a term used by PBX vendors when you allow calls to come from one switch and “hop-off” to the PSTN of another. In terms of the A800 and other tenors, this term refers to the ability for VoIP calls to come to the Tenor and “hop-off” to the local PSTN. The pattern is the digits that you want to match. For example if you want to allow all calls that begin with 1732 to hop-off to the PSTN of your unit, then you would enter 1732. Now with the Tenor, when you configure a pattern, the matching digits will be removed from the dialed number. If you need to add them back on, use the replacement field. I believe you will find a description of this feature in the command line interface guide for the tenor. You can get this document on Quintum’s web site under the support area.