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Help A800

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    F Dehu

    Quintum A800 set up in Cyprus. Country value is 2 , ccode is 357 , areacode=1,intlprefix=00 , ldprefi= 0 . Problem is when someone dials e.g 0044111222333 , A800 sends the number out as 111222333 , removing the 00. is there a way to stop it removing the 00?
    Also ,how do i set all local calls start with 2 ,i.e ppl dial 2233444 but a800 sends out number as 003572233444 , the same for mobile calls , it starts with 99 , ppl dial 99662757 and a800 has to send it out as 0035799662757 ?

    Can anyone help ?


    why just set the A800 iptg and add the prefix 00

    F Dehu

    Thanks francisco , i will try that later today. What about the local and mobile calls if you dont mind, will the above affect them as well? Just wondering if there is a way for ppl to dial 22333444 and quintum sends out 0035722333444 and same for 99 , i,e ppl dial 9966277 and quintum sends out 0035799662757.

    THanks for your help


    That is very easy indeed. Just need to work with the lampattern and lamreplace codes on the PSTN.

    Forget asbout using area code and country code. They only create confusion:

    1)Take out the country setting if it is cero. Not the country code, the country setting. Use 1 for Canada,everywhere
    2) Delete the country code and area code.

    3) Put the country code and area code on the lampattern on the PSTNTG groups. Lot easier and more flexible.

    On the lamreplace of each entry, relace what the quintum deleted on the previus step.

    If you hae any questions, write me and I will provide a sample

    majid mashayekhi

    i have a tenor A800.and i forgot my password.
    Would you please help me to find how can i recovery me password ?


    Blue Lava

    Hi Majid,

    To recover from a forgotton password you need to set the unit back to factory defaults.

    Connect a console cable to the 9 pin port on the Quintum and power the unit up.

    When prompted (M)odify the settings and set the unit back to factory defaults. The password will now be set to blank.

    Hope this helps – If you have any questions please feel free to email me.


    F Karimi

    This message is for Majid Mashyekhi. I am searching for an old friend whose name is ” majid mashayekhi” If you gradyated from Tabriz university in 1970, please respond to this email

    shuk shari

    please tell me what is the meaning of lampattern exactly????

    MikeM to Shuk Shari


    Lampattern is also called HopOff pattern. This is a term used by PBX vendors when you allow calls to come from one switch and “hop-off” to the PSTN of another. In terms of the A800 and other tenors, this term refers to the ability for VoIP calls to come to the Tenor and “hop-off” to the local PSTN. The pattern is the digits that you want to match. For example if you want to allow all calls that begin with 1732 to hop-off to the PSTN of your unit, then you would enter 1732. Now with the Tenor, when you configure a pattern, the matching digits will be removed from the dialed number. If you need to add them back on, use the replacement field. I believe you will find a description of this feature in the command line interface guide for the tenor. You can get this document on Quintum’s web site under the support area.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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