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Reply To: AS5300-show no dsp (disapear DS0??)

I have the same thing

It seems the firmware on this things is a little buggy, and different versions (which I have) don’t match the documentation – in some cases (like faxing) (or the incoming voice modem command) directly contradict the documentation and I’ve spend at *LEAST MANY* tens of hours making changes – because there doesn’t seem to be to much useful information – just quotes to the Cisco doc’s which are plain old wrong, for the As5300 because the group it with other products like the 5350, and 54XX. (don’t mind the email it’s for hopefully soon, my wife, it’s the only one I check often) … but … if your still having problems I can help you with ANY thing you need with the Cisco, Asterisk, SIP and integrations via PRI’s (or god forbid T1’s) to ‘legacy’ like a Nortel MICS . It actually works *MUCH BETTER* then the Cisco rip everything out and replace everything with software, their phones and scrap the current investment – then only to trust your enterprise with a call manager running on *FREAKING WINDOWS* !

Can’t help you with CCM though – I used it a bit when I was forced to by the custom until I talked them into converting to Asterisk – then all problems where gone and *MUCH BETTER PERFORMANCE*. Although Asterisk does have it’s problems acting as a LARGE SIP gateway with thousands of connections being invited, and much less if the call has to be bridged because of NAT