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Reply To: Quintum a400 error cause 38


Thanks NOname.
you were right, i loaded the factory defaults and then it was offline.

i m facing strange problem
i gave this command to monitor

quintum: ev +ch
Quinutm : q {enter)

i get following

Press to return to Command mode

EXCP : 0:**** SYSTEM RESET! RESTARTING (0x80000000, IP=0x3ddbfbf4) ****
EXCP : 106:Idle Reference Count = 153187
EXCP : 134:Started CDR manager. Initializing CDR data, session number = 0
EXCP : 524548:HttpD: E_RECV error (0x5023)
EXCP : 524548:HttpD: Source addr=
EXCP : 3084025:ERROR in WsGetFileNameUri Buffer=
EXCP : 3162613:ERROR in WsGetFileNameUri Buffer=
EXCP : 3177605:ERROR in WsGetFileNameUri Buffer=

and i have huge packet loss.
and the IP address u see is no where configured. can u help me to slove this