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Reply To: Need reference on VoIP Billing

Kevin to Honza

Who cares if Portaone gives the source code or not? Anyone can download source code for open source projects from the web. This is why it is called OPEN source.
Anyway, its obvious that people who buy portaone to begin with, has no resources that can use that source code, otherwise why wouldn’t they download the code itself from the web and compile it in the first place?

Also is it true that Portaone uses B2BUA for radius accounting and prepaid enforcement for SIP? I read that this B2BUA will not scale even to 100 concurrent calls. Performance is still on their todo list… – .
Just read the mailing list at – memory leaks, hangs, bugs. No one is developing this b2bua since 2003. It is an abandoned project, and it’s the only open source b2bua out there.
No high availability, calls gets disconnected, no hardware acceleration.

If anyone is serious about a VoIP business, they should not rely on open source software for call control and billing. There is not enough commitment from the community like there is for Apache and MySQL. It just won’t scale.