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Reply To: CDR server software needed

Noname about CDR

A little known fact. The port that you are trying to telnet to, could not be asigned to a server on the Quintum.

If you go into the Quintum, and asign port 9002 and 9003 to a cdr server, you could not telnet to those ports from the outside.

In ordeer to get the CDR via telnet port 9002 or 9003 ,the quintum needs to look like this:

IP Address : Port # of Cdr Server 1 = : 0
IP Address : Port # of Cdr Server 2 = : 0
Cdr Password: 1234
Cdr Format: 0

I the port is asigned to a CDR server, the Quintum is the one initiating the conection.
That port will not take a incoming call from Telnet.

And yes, it works like a champ, on every Quintum that I ever tried.

Best luck!!!!