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CDR server software needed

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    I need a CDR server software really bad.

    I want to capture CDR s’ from a Quintum gateway and put them in a hard drive on a P.C.

    The PC is running windows 2000, and since is shared with other billing systems, I could not change it.

    Anyone knows of a good CDR server software????

    I do not want it for free, just free information about it.



    Hi Noname,

    In the meantime, you could telnet into the gateway and capture the CDR on a log file, then export to Excel. You’ll have to do some extra job though to sort out.


    Noname to IPWorld3

    Thanks for the tip. I did not know that myself until few days ago.

    The trouble that I am hving is that the gateways are very high volume and send a lot of information each day.

    This is for a customer overseas, with a very busy route, and many calls on low profit.

    Trying to open excel files with more than 10.000 records is a challenge.

    Best regards!!!!!.


    you can try winradius but i don’t have actual experience with it. for further information you can visit


    what you can do is set up a QTelNet softswitch, it does CDR generation and everything. Don’t know what your budget is but for a 24 port one, will set you back about $6000.00 US. It acts as a means of interfacing SIP and H323 calls together ( YES ! ) and allows you to take in a SIP call and put it out to your provider as H323 or vice-versa. Plus it has a free calling card plugin w/ voice prompts and everything built in. if you want more info, contact me. I’ll give you all the info they gave me when I bought one!

    It runs on Win2K as well as linux.
    I have even found a way to customize it so that you can export CDR’s as a CSV format for each account number you have plus it automatically sorts by time and date. email me..

    Noname to Gary

    Thanks for the info Gary.
    Actually, I am looking for something a lot simpler.
    The company that I am working with is doing only the “landing”, have already setup a billing system. The only need is for a CDR server that will get the files and store them on the hard drive of a P.C.
    Jut to keek the billing guys on the other end “honest”.
    Thanks for the tip anyway.

    And by the way, so far nobody come out with a site or vendor that could do it.
    I tought that this request will a easy one. Live and learn.

    Thanks everyone!!!!!!


    Hi IPWorld3,
    I had seen a manual for a a400
    and did not find the way you tell about telneting tenor and taking cdr from it could you tell me how to do this without implementing radius



    Hi Kaizer,

    Am using win XP Pro and it goes as follows:

    Start>Run>telnet xx.xx.xx.xx 9002
    (xx.xx.xx.xx is the ip address you assigned to your Tenor) and 9002 is the CDR port.

    It will then prompt you for a cdr password.If no pswd is set then press enter twice and there you go.

    Let me know if you’re having any challenge getting it to work.


    Noname about CDR

    A little known fact. The port that you are trying to telnet to, could not be asigned to a server on the Quintum.

    If you go into the Quintum, and asign port 9002 and 9003 to a cdr server, you could not telnet to those ports from the outside.

    In ordeer to get the CDR via telnet port 9002 or 9003 ,the quintum needs to look like this:

    IP Address : Port # of Cdr Server 1 = : 0
    IP Address : Port # of Cdr Server 2 = : 0
    Cdr Password: 1234
    Cdr Format: 0

    I the port is asigned to a CDR server, the Quintum is the one initiating the conection.
    That port will not take a incoming call from Telnet.

    And yes, it works like a champ, on every Quintum that I ever tried.

    Best luck!!!!


    I am not having a challenge to use it
    I have not big traffik so I am doing all the staff manually but very interested to automate all this process
    I just want to know for authorising a call I have to use a radius.
    1.Can I configure
    several pins for several users in my tenor and see them in cdr files I get
    after telneting?
    2.what is a time table for telneting to get cdrs I mean I do not want to lose any information and I should take cdrs regularly before tenors memory overflows?

    Best regards


    The CDR s’ will be overflow after 1000 or 1500 calls.

    After that , you will start loosing the oldest records.

    I gues that you could setup and account code for each customer that will come out on the CDR printout, but without radius, any code will go.

    Best luck to you.!!!!!

    shaoul jacobson

    i don’t know the quintum gateway. but if it does radius and / or syslog, they are free products you can find. most machine support several syslog servers, but you can have only one radius ‘active’. it is best to have at lest 2 radius servers (redundancy), but the devices do communicate with only one of them. so, if your billing system is allready using radius, you must find another way (like syslog). do a search, you will find many products. many in the linux world.

    winradius is a good choice

    kiwisyslog for syslog(

    good luck

    For shaoul jacobson

    Dear sire i download winradius and i need an serial code for more than 5 users .
    If you have an crack or and version for this software how not neeed serial number please contact me .


    I know one. CDRPlus – a CDR management system.
    ICQ 81483612 for details or email:

    Nikola to Noneme

    Hi Noname,

    Because you are so active in this forum, maybe I can help you.
    I made some kinde of CDR server for my Tenor A800 and it works OK.

    Contact me

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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