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Reply To: Sysmaster Sales & Support the worst!!



thanks for the advice.. maybe you are able to help me out.. you are right when jumping into the business not to expect stardom.. i never expected that.. but some better guidence from some sales person selling me a gk and i asked sales person if i was able to do this and that.. never did i ever hear of a module.. and that may have been my fault.. all is done and the venture must go on.. as you said lots of info out in the voip world.. and i still search as to how to get a 2 port TA to register 2 e.164 in the vm putty.. i have 2 port adapter and im only able to get it to register port 2 it only gives my one end point.. i hooked up a ata 186 and it gave me two endpoints and it registered as two numbers.. i was able to give it 2 DID numbers and it showed up inthe putty and i was able to call both lines incoming and it worked.. i also tested ubr 924 both from cisco and it did a roll over.. hunt group.. iss ue with 924 only meant for cable users.. ata 186 only 1 rj45 port.. looking for 2 port that has a wan port and lan port and 2 rj11 fxs ports.. and if a two port can do fxo 1 port that will be great.. any ideas..thank you