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Sysmaster Sales & Support the worst!!

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    Desperate Dan

    I wish I had seen this forum earlier 🙁 !!

    The actual VM1000 Gatekeeper all in one solution is really not that bad of a platform but…

    Our operations are based on the vm100 PC to phone business model and we have been struggling to get this to work for almost 4 months now! The updates have been coming thick and fast and with every successive version resolving some problems and adding new ones, it has been an absolute nightmare.

    The sales staff at Sysmaster are simply not to be trusted, and have absolutely no clue about what they are selling, furthermore this company’s support is practically non-existant.

    Their whole business focus is not on how to support their customers but how to add on some new “feature” that they can charge you for. We have not felt ANY benefit for having payed the support fee (15% of total value), as their online support is useless, and they practically never launch upgrades with new features… they ALWAYS prefer to launch these as new modules that you have to pay for. In the latest example of this they removed our customer’s ability to replace the dialler software’s pin number (for when the client runs put of funds and simply buys a new card), and have added a module (4950 usd) so that the user now is forced to log on to the crm (accounts, passwords etc) to update their account via a voucher number. There is no advantage to this, and has only braught about a shower of support calls that we didn’t have before to resolve lost acocunts and password etc.

    I strongly recommend you look elsewhere for your VoIP solution. This company is simply not serious about quality service and developing a sustainable relationship with its clients.

    Desperate Dan

    Dan C

    I have heard those same comments from other people. I am a reseller of Qtelnet and they came out with a PC based soft switch recently that has add ons for a softclient (pc to phone). I know there isnt much support included as you have to pay for it, but it appears to be a good product and viable option.


    Sadly all what you wrote is a BIG true. We tried the said software for months and were unable to deploy a service because of the issues you mentioned and when we felt that we are getting nowhere. We have been through this and now we are are using a different product.


    seems like you, Desperate Dan and Ip talks are not serious about doing business.
    1 you need qualified people to run a biz.
    2 you need qualified staff to set up your gateways manage and run billing system
    3 You pay to train all of the above
    4 With soft phones, you cannot expect to get high asr if you want to call it that. YOU have no control over your customers OS.
    5 net meeting based dialers dont work behind NAT
    6 there are over 500 Voicemaster users are making money off their system
    7 calling sales people liars is VERY UNprofessional and untrue in this case. It is also LIBEL.
    8 support is for issues directly related to the product you purchased, not trouble shooting other peoples equipment, configuring gateways, and answering questions which are answered in your manaual. Hit the help button for once, it works.
    8 You could have hired an experienced VM tech to assist you. It is an IP device, they don’t have to be in your garage.
    9 please give me an offer, I’ll buy your VM.
    10 15% support? Every tech company charges 15 to 22%.
    good luck, watch what you say, after all, I am sure if I bought a 5.00 card from you, and expected to pay 5 cents per minute, I would get 100 minutes on my card, right? oh, you mean I have hidden charges??? what? maintenance fee?
    what 9cents for 800 servcie…you never told me that ..LIAR…

    get my point?

    Saul Bejarano

    Lately I have experienced a great positive change on Technical Support at Sysmaster, I have response within 10 minutes to any single requirement, critical or small, lets be serious about this:
    1) Sysmaster is one of the only companies offering an equipment with the ability to do what it does and so far I have had a great revenue and usage of mine.
    2) Technical Support has been improving, I cannot tell you over the phone, but if you put a complete detailed information about your problem, they get to the bottom of it
    3) IF I had to buy another gatekeeper in the market I probably will do a combination of the Voip-to-Voip software of Cisco running on 3660 an 3725 devices, but, connected to a sysmaster as billing solution using a Cisco 7206 VXR as a gatekeeper.

    At the moment, eventhough I have the cashflow to do it, I won’t because my Voicemaster’s are working perfectly, if you need any help let me know, I do not work for Sysmaster but I like the product.

    To Saul

    Saul .. they have competition now as Qtelnet makes a soft switch that does what they do and more for a price tag much cheaper. Check out

    I have a copy of this now after reading “gary’s” post in another thread. Im working through the set up now.


    an immitator with no sales record. GREAT.

    I thought sales pitchs were not allowed in this forum.

    Dan C

    Mike … I sell lots of qtelnet gateways. What type of sales record do you need? I agree they are newer on the block but have a solid product. Cant knock that.

    Saul Bejarano

    Wow, it looks like a serious development, what is the database behind the scene for call management and routing?
    What version of Gatekeeper use?
    How many simultaneous calls can handle a basic configuration?
    How many translated calls H323 to SIP or SIP to H323 can handle simultaneously?
    Does it support IVR?

    I know all this questions are based on the fact that the information in the PDF is limited.
    What is the operating platform of this AP?


    I have a running, working set-up of the QTelNet softswitch. I am using it to play the IVR prompts, manage prepaid and post paid accts, and as a bonus you are allowed to modify the web user interface and make any changes you want! I have modified mine to allow for export of CDR based on account number. What else could you ask for??

    If anyone needs any help setting up this great piece of software, please email me:
    yahoo: gary_pede

    As far as the rest of your questions, here you go:

    1. what is the database behind the scene for call management and routing?
    it supports Excel, Sql and MySql

    2. What version of Gatekeeper use?
    it is not a gatekeeper. what it does is act as a signalling proxy. in other words, acts as a giant phone book that can route calls and authorize users based on CID, IP, prefix, etc and send the call to whatever destination you want. it does not matter if an incoming sorce is H323 and the outgoing entity is SIP. It works! same for the other direction.
    By being a signalling proxy and not a unit that actually hosts the call on the inbound and outbound legs, it does not have to do very much work for each call. therefore, the number of simultaneous calls is not limited by the translation process. It is however limited by the licence you purchase.

    3. What is the operating platform?
    mine is currently running on win2K. it is supported by win2k pro, win2k server, winXP and RedHat Linux 7.2

    i believe the rest of the questions are answered above.

    anything else??



    if anyone wants, ( and i mean more than 1 person ) I can set up a version with some dummy info on it, and let you guys log in through the web interface and check it out for yourselves.

    Post a reply and I’ll start counting.

    also note if you want just the base platform or if you want the prepaid module as well.




    H323 to SIP? hows the call quality?
    Thats bull about the number of calls because of signalling, whats the capacity?
    What do I need for a total calling card solution and real time billing for wholesale traffic.
    Im running about 600 concurrent at peak (4pm to 8pm).

    What other servers do I need?
    How much total package?


    qtel net. questions
    A ms. Andersen quoted me $6000 US for 24 ports?
    Only 1 week support?
    I thought this was a class4 switch according to your literature.
    I need to do different rates for each way a customer enters, ie payphone, ip, 800 number. How much to do this?
    I have 7 resellers, can they generate batches? view CRM?
    Also need to increase rate over length of call, and lower rates on evenings. Can I do this?


    I am not posting this to sell softswitches, just to answer all the questions about this product. Please do not remove this post!


    I don’t have all the answers right now, should have later tomorrow. I deal with QTelNet direct as I am also a reseller/dealer.

    here is what I know now:

    $6000.00 US is about $250 high. the cost is actually $5750.00
    what that covers is the cost of the platform, plus 40 hours of technical support via telephone or whatever direct to the manufacturer. You provide your own PC. The support does not have to be all in a week, it can be spread out over time

    This will give you 24 ports, prepaid platform included at no additional charge.

    this is a class 4 softswitch, I don’t think I indicated otherwise?? correct me if I’m wrong.

    different rates for each customer, no problem, no extra charge.

    each of your users/resellers log in to a web page and view thier own call detail at anytime. each record is added as soon as the call has ended.
    it also includes a online account fund refill option where if the user registers thier credit card with you, they just click a button to add funds to thier account. If you want to have the user able to download thier specific account as a CSV file, I can get that in the works.. simple script change.

    Lower rates for eves, built in option. different rate for duration, i don’t think so.

    H323 to SIP, call is the same as h323 to h323 or SIP to SIP.

    I won’t post pricing for the licences to follow rules. contact me direct.

    If you want, you can buy additional modules like the SIP proxy server ( about $2500.00 includes PC to run it on I think )

    This software was also written on a scaleable basis in which you can have different or even mulitple machines doing propting/routing and all of them would then send database info/authentication to your server.

    Talking to the manufacturer, if you don’t want the prepaid application, a machine that meets these specs will handle an unlimited licence. This means no IVR! just a base switching/authorization platform.
    500MB RAM, 2.5GHZ, 100GB disk

    with the IVR, I have not had a reply yet. send me your email and I’ll let you know as soon as I find out.

    this program also supports dual-CPU computers!! this would help in that kind of situation.

    anything else??


    heard from the manufacturer, the CPU specs listed below will handle up to 50 calls starting per second, with no degredation in voice quality. does this answer your remaining question?



Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 41 total)
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