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Reply To: Sysmaster Sales & Support the worst!!

Jaques Vallione

I have yet to find a problem with my sysmaster solution. At this point in time with the help of my technical staff We have setup a turn key solution in a matter of hours without having to contact the company’s support personnel.

Nexgen if you need any type of help drop me a line, but reading your previous posts regarding SIP protocol not supported, This is not the case for the sysmaster gatekeeper. You have the options to use both protocols of course so I am sure that you did not fully comprehend the capabilities of this solution.

TIME IS MONEY as is the case in most business practices but I would like to add that a conscise effort in business planning and management is equally effective. Jumping to the VoIP market blindfolded technically and expecting your business to sail to stardom seems in my opinion as both reckless and naive. There is plenty of documentation online regarding voip solution implementation , design, and general knowledge.

As far as Sysmaster having bad technical support personnel I would have no clue, their solutions are simplistic enough that I as of the present time have yet to need their support. The salesperson assigned to my account has been excellent in answering all questions truthfully and thoroughly.

Again if you have questions drop me a line.