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Reply To: Sysmaster Sales & Support the worst!!


Im a customer of sysmaster and i’m not here to bash the company.. but i will give you an honest feedback as to how i have been dealt with from the sales staff and the service on technical side.

i became a customer about a year ago .. i was very excited about the opportunity that was presented to me just like all of you .. you saw the opportunity and you seized it.. anyways after hours of constant research and being new to the voip industry i was looking for guidence from my sales give me the best advise and honesty along with ethics as a sales person can give.. he told me everything the sysmaster gk was able to do and all the cool stuff.. im not ashamed to say i was caught up into the hype of his sales pitch and his time he spent with me teaching me all about voip and what the voice master is capable of doing.

When i got done doing my research as to what voip was all about from gateway, colo to ani, pri T1 and from the protocols that are used from the codec and anything a person seeking to gain knowledge of a new venture. It was exciting and scary to be taking a large leap into the unknown.

i finally made the purcase of the voicemaster in month 3 i think. feeling very comfortable in my purchase and the price i got it for. Once i received i learned my gk was only equipped with h323.. not SIP this is where the fun all starts in this business .. i called my sales person and asked him why is their no sip.. he told me i had to buy a module.. i was very upset to his answer if you look on their web site it says gatekeeper h323/SIP very alluring to think you will be getting both the protocols in the gk. but you don’t. This is where they start to sell you everything from the module to maybe what color car you want. I was never told of a module or things i would have to buy later on all i was told as to all the amazing things the gatekeeper can do. AFter finding out i didn’t have SIP i just sucked it up and went on and made due with what i had. so far so good. AS the months past and doing hours of testing and logging my reports as to asr and pdd and qos it was a big learning curve to be going through from a guy that comes from the finance field. anyways i become more knowledgeable about the gk.. and what it was able to do i still had many questions as to how to set up accounts and jsut some basic stuff.. so one day i said im going to call tech support.. as i talked to them it was very hard to understand them.. that was the first problem very hard.. but they tried and i was very thankful.. but it got so bad i had to call sales and say i dont want to talk to talk to someone that speaks english their first language.. i thoguht they would understand what i was sayign as a customer but they didnt as time went by i became use to their foreign speaking techs. once again it was very hard to understand them.. it is a lot of repeating to them. once its all done.. all they will tellyou is to please email me the question .. i have never heard of someone sayign email me the question.. but i guess that is how sysmaster techs do business.. i asked my sales person would i be able to get tech support they said yes.. so i called my tech guy and told him of my issues and once again.. they could not help me in any way. i told the tech guy and sales person i didnt pay for support to be sending in email.. i have told them the service they have delivered to me is unsatisfactory.

As time went by i had other questions as to the gk and stuff i may need like in modules. I called my sales person and asked him i would like to know about a moudle to see if it will solve a problem i was having their answer was we built it for some reason. i was like ohh man.. not again.. sales people need to listen to their customer and to know the product.. if you plan to succeed in anything in life.. you must be happy as to what you do and to know the product.. if you dont know the product and how it works than you dont have anything.

After months of runnign into other issues like we all do.. i was losing confidence in any questions i had for sysmaster. knowing i would get the run around or they would say ahh i dont know and blame it on the other vendors and their equipment or they would say email me the issue.. when we all have an issue we dont want to wait or send an email time is money. So, anyways i jsut decided to play their game and email an exact issue to them.. i seent them the layout as to the problem and a trace file.. it has been days since i have heard anything .. i think i have been very patient as to my question and the time frame i have allowed them to answer the question. who knows where this will all end for me.. all i know is i will keep trying and i have been in search of other vendors on their gk.. but once again its all about how much time do i want to put back into learnign about a new product..

So i leave all of you with an honest feedback with my dealings with sysmaster..if i could do it all over again.. from what i know now and the service i have received i would not buy another gk from them.. actually i would not buy any products from them.. but i know i will need so modules from them..since they are the only ones that have the modules. .. remember their are other vendors that have gk jsut like sysmaster..not the only players in town.. buyer beware from them..

Thank you for everyones time and good luck to everyone in the business.

If you would like to know more and what i have discovered as to the gk and other products that work good with it .. and not want to spend hours of time finding the issue.. leave me your email.. thank you