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Reply To: Sysmaster Sales & Support the worst!!


I am not posting this to sell softswitches, just to answer all the questions about this product. Please do not remove this post!


I don’t have all the answers right now, should have later tomorrow. I deal with QTelNet direct as I am also a reseller/dealer.

here is what I know now:

$6000.00 US is about $250 high. the cost is actually $5750.00
what that covers is the cost of the platform, plus 40 hours of technical support via telephone or whatever direct to the manufacturer. You provide your own PC. The support does not have to be all in a week, it can be spread out over time

This will give you 24 ports, prepaid platform included at no additional charge.

this is a class 4 softswitch, I don’t think I indicated otherwise?? correct me if I’m wrong.

different rates for each customer, no problem, no extra charge.

each of your users/resellers log in to a web page and view thier own call detail at anytime. each record is added as soon as the call has ended.
it also includes a online account fund refill option where if the user registers thier credit card with you, they just click a button to add funds to thier account. If you want to have the user able to download thier specific account as a CSV file, I can get that in the works.. simple script change.

Lower rates for eves, built in option. different rate for duration, i don’t think so.

H323 to SIP, call is the same as h323 to h323 or SIP to SIP.

I won’t post pricing for the licences to follow rules. contact me direct.

If you want, you can buy additional modules like the SIP proxy server ( about $2500.00 includes PC to run it on I think )

This software was also written on a scaleable basis in which you can have different or even mulitple machines doing propting/routing and all of them would then send database info/authentication to your server.

Talking to the manufacturer, if you don’t want the prepaid application, a machine that meets these specs will handle an unlimited licence. This means no IVR! just a base switching/authorization platform.
500MB RAM, 2.5GHZ, 100GB disk

with the IVR, I have not had a reply yet. send me your email and I’ll let you know as soon as I find out.

this program also supports dual-CPU computers!! this would help in that kind of situation.

anything else??