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Reply To: Sysmaster Sales & Support the worst!!

Saul Bejarano

Lately I have experienced a great positive change on Technical Support at Sysmaster, I have response within 10 minutes to any single requirement, critical or small, lets be serious about this:
1) Sysmaster is one of the only companies offering an equipment with the ability to do what it does and so far I have had a great revenue and usage of mine.
2) Technical Support has been improving, I cannot tell you over the phone, but if you put a complete detailed information about your problem, they get to the bottom of it
3) IF I had to buy another gatekeeper in the market I probably will do a combination of the Voip-to-Voip software of Cisco running on 3660 an 3725 devices, but, connected to a sysmaster as billing solution using a Cisco 7206 VXR as a gatekeeper.

At the moment, eventhough I have the cashflow to do it, I won’t because my Voicemaster’s are working perfectly, if you need any help let me know, I do not work for Sysmaster but I like the product.