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Reply To: Sysmaster Sales & Support the worst!!


seems like you, Desperate Dan and Ip talks are not serious about doing business.
1 you need qualified people to run a biz.
2 you need qualified staff to set up your gateways manage and run billing system
3 You pay to train all of the above
4 With soft phones, you cannot expect to get high asr if you want to call it that. YOU have no control over your customers OS.
5 net meeting based dialers dont work behind NAT
6 there are over 500 Voicemaster users are making money off their system
7 calling sales people liars is VERY UNprofessional and untrue in this case. It is also LIBEL.
8 support is for issues directly related to the product you purchased, not trouble shooting other peoples equipment, configuring gateways, and answering questions which are answered in your manaual. Hit the help button for once, it works.
8 You could have hired an experienced VM tech to assist you. It is an IP device, they don’t have to be in your garage.
9 please give me an offer, I’ll buy your VM.
10 15% support? Every tech company charges 15 to 22%.
good luck, watch what you say, after all, I am sure if I bought a 5.00 card from you, and expected to pay 5 cents per minute, I would get 100 minutes on my card, right? oh, you mean I have hidden charges??? what? maintenance fee?
what 9cents for 800 servcie…you never told me that ..LIAR…

get my point?