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Reply To: Quintum Tenor and OpenAM

John to George


1. I want that incoming (PSTN FXO) calls to be able to go only to FXS port 1. I already configured it like this: TCRG and LCRG, pass through: enabled, block of channels, and incoming call goes to port 1. Is it enough? If have better solution, please tell me.

— you can do force route instead.

2. I need to be able to transfer incoming calls (from FXO and FXS) to other number (Which is already configured in the gateway). for example I need first call to transfer to xxxx01, second call I need to transfer to xxxx02. I configured unattended transfer but, could not made any transfer. May be there is another way or unattended transfer more complex configuration.

— This is a PBX feature. Quintum cant transfer call from fxs to another fxs in one box.

3. Also, if I need to use two or more Tenors, how I configure FXO port. for example in first Tenor I plug PSTN line to FXO-one, how I configure it for second Tenor.

— well you can do is example in 1st quintum assign 9 the other is 8.

best regards,
John Simon