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Quintum Tenor and OpenAM

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    Gulzar Hussain

    I m using Qunitum Tenor as a Gateway, GnuGK as Gatekeeper and Microsoft Netmeeting as H323 client

    in addition i dedicate a computer to work as Answering Machince and Install OpenAM on it

    when no agent is available to attend the call that comes in to Tenor then the call routed to OpenAM but instead of playing OGM and recording call use to disconnect in a second

    cant understand whats the problem cause Netmeeting is working fine and agents are attending calls normally

    thanx in advance

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    Sounds like a voice codec problem, make sure that you have the codecs set to match in both the quintum and the OpenAm software.

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    Gulzar Hussain

    I have set G723.1 on Tenor and set the sample_message_g7231.wav as OGM, what else i have to do ?

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    I’ll have to see the configuration in your Quintum.

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    You really have to be careful with netmeeting since it only supports in-band DTMF which means if you need to drive IVR or anything via the netmeeting keypad, you won’t be very happy. If you can get a client with out-of-band DTMF it will be much more reliable.

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    Gulzar Hussain

    Thanx a lot for all of your replies that was a Codec problem and its solved now .

    But now i am having a new problem, I have added the ACD application in my senario so when OpemAM starts playing OGM meanwhile if an agent become available call must be tranfered to that agent but its not happening

    I am sure problem is at Tenor’s side

    any clue ?

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    Once openAM starts playing the file, as far as the quintum is concerned the call is in progress and it is not going to transfer the call back to the open line. However the next incoming call will go to the open line. Provided it is configured correctly of course.

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    Gulzar Hussain

    GNUGK is sending the message to Tenor to forward (callForward Facility Message) the call then why call is not forwarding to the available agent

    Does Tenor supports Facility messages ?

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    Hello Gulzar,
    The Quintum doesn’t support any of the H.450.1 supplemental services. I believe the one you would be looking for in this situation would be H.450.2 Call Transfer.

    #26221 Reply
    Gulzar Hussain

    which gateways support H.450.2 Call Transfer ?

    Does Huawei Quidway A8010 Mini Expert support it ?

    #26222 Reply
    Gulzar Hussain

    Waiting for the answer from somebody

    Does Huawei Quidway A8010 Mini Expert support H.450.2 Call Transfer ?

    #26223 Reply

    Hello Gulzar,
    Sorry for the delay, you may want to confirm that this is the supplementary service that gnugk is trying to use. The H.323 Mediatrix products support both H.450.2 Call transfer and H.450.3 call diversion.

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    Gulzar Hussain

    I wanna know about Huawei Quidway A8010 Mini Expert

    #26225 Reply

    Looking for a configuration to use with my Mediatrix APA III-4FXS running H.323 on a calling card plateform.

    The calling card plateform uses a quitum A800; dial an access number, PIN then destination number.

    There IP connectivity between the Mediatrix and the quintum.

    #26226 Reply

    Hi Gulzar,

    The Welltech gateways support H.450 services including call transfer. They also support dynamic CODEC negotiation so all those horrible CODEC mismatch issues are a thing of the past.
    To make things even better they are H.323 and SIP compliant and under half the price of a Quintum equivalent.

    Hope this helps

    Mat Hitchcock

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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