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Reply To: ADSL (PPPoE) for A800…Please help

Noname to David and Hwyking.

O.K. I stand corrected. Hwyking is correct.

Even if you have a static I.P. address, you may need the Linksys or equivalent to do the PPOE login and get the I.P. address needed.
The static I.P. configuration via ADSL and PPOE will require the use of a device that will login,using the PPOE protocol.

Them we are back to the point explained before. Using a router to login, and forward the ports from WAN static I.P. address to the static LAN I.P. address where the quintum is.

The trouble that you are facing is that the speedtouch Alcatel modem is looking for a P.C type of device on the drop side.
That P.C. is suposted to be the one with the software to do the PPOe login.

That is why you will need a router in betwen.

Are you in a place where getting a linksys or similar will be too dificult????

The other option that I heard about goes like this:

Install a P.C directly to the Alcatel modem.
That P.C. will have two diferent NIC cards. One will be conected to the provider (Alcatel modem) ,and the other port will be connected to the Quintum, via a little hub or reversed cable.

The computer will do the PPOE handling, and act as a router for the packets going trought the other port for the Quintum.

Disclaimer: I have seen it done with sattellite service, for P.C. ‘s user only. I do not know if that will work on a VOIP setup.
It may not due to the computer putting delay on the packet processing.
When I saw it done, the PC was running windows 2000.

If I was you, I will stick to something easy, like a samll router.

Let us know!!!!!!!!