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Reply To: ADSL (PPPoE) for A800…Please help

Noname to David

Hello David.

The A800 could not handle PPOE. On such a configuration,(PPOE), that is noemal with most ADSL providers, you need to enter a username and password to activate the service. Also, the provider will change the I.P. address every few hours or days.

In order to connect a A800 to a ADSL service you need:

Connect the ADSL modem to a switch, something like a linksys, that have a ethernet WAN (to the ADSL modem) and four ports to your local lan.

That is the first step. That will put you on the net. The Linksys will send the username and password to the ADSL modem when it boots up, and receive from the ADSL modem the I.P. address to use .

At that point, if you plug a computer or laptop on the LAN side of the Linksys, you should be able to acccess the internet.

Step number two: The a800 could, in theory, work od a DHCP configuration.

In such a configuration, you will enbable DHCP on the Linksys and let the Linksys asign an I.P. address to the Quintum , on the range of DHCP addresses selected by you on the Linksys.

This could work, but only for outgoing calls from the A800 to the Net. You will not be able to receive calls from the net to PBX ports or PSTN.

The solution: Asign an I.P. address to the Quintum on the LAN side of the Linksys. Make it static.

Inside the Linksys, port forward all the ports needed by the Quintum from the WAN port to the I.P. address where the quintum is.

In short, the linksys will do the PPOE login for you and allow to share the conection with a computer.

The port forwardind will do the “transfer” from WAN to LAN of the packets.

That is until Quintum wakes up and puts PPOE inside their own boxes , or make them compatible with DDNS.

Good luck, and do not forget to buy some Tylenol. You will need it.