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Reply To: Which is best? – Quintum/Multitech/Cisco


Hello Jim.

I agree with the part about the A200 being a piece of ……t.
Stay away from that one like it have a virus inside.

About qtelnet, most people hat tried stand by it like they are very happy with it.

The price of the Multitech is way out ,compared with the others.

About open source: It could be, but there are a lot of people like me out there, that do not know how to program, compile or change thos open sources.

Of course, I could learn it, but if you are selling minutes, that is not exactlety the fast way to get online.

Most people that could handle those open source programs, they are not bussiness person, they are programers.

Some others neeed and will like just to pays and go to the next step, just selling services.

I guess is the same old argument about using or driving a car without knowing what is under the hood.