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Which is best? – Quintum/Multitech/Cisco

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    We are looking to connect upto 8 lines in New York ring at Our India office end. Which gateways are best in terms of voice quality and ease of configuration. More specifically, which solution would you recommend Quintum, Multitech or Cisco?

    I would greatly appreciate your user experience. Thanks.


    I do not know much about Multitech.
    Betwen Cisco and Quintum:
    Quality of equipment, less troubles, less bugs to fix,more information,cisco is the best.

    Quintum: Easier to setup and use, have some limitations,not perfect, but usable and cheaper than Cisco equivalent.
    Requiere less training. Easier for a starter company.

    If you go for Quintum,try to stay digital en the US end. Many companies now sell fractional T1 with only few channels on it.
    Save yourself troubles, do not go analog on the US end if posible.
    It makes for a lot cleaner disconnect signaling and the voice levels will be much better.

    Get a D800 or better one of the new DX800.


    First off you are missing one in with that bunch QTelNet … they are in the same class, but dont have digital gateways.

    Multitech : Way too expensive ($1100 for 2 ports) , requires static IP to avoid any down time, firware can be updated remotely, free tech support

    QTelNet : best bang for the buck ($575 for 2 ports), can use DHCP or static and no down time if IP changes (big pro for me) , remote config and upgrade of firmware, free tech support

    Cisco : Solid product, very expensive as you require a call manager, you pay for tech support. They dont sell stand alone gateways like the others.

    Quintum : A200 is crap, digital gateways are nice but pricy, you pay for tech support, Static IP needed to avoid down time.

    Noname is right you should go digital and get a partial PRI the levels will be better, but you will pay for this.

    Example only :
    8 non digtal line $160-200 mth
    4 QTelNet FXO $2300 US side
    4 QTelNet FXS $2300 India side

    Partial PRI $500-800 mth
    Quintum D800 $4000 (approx)
    Quintum or other non digital gateways in India
    $2300 +



    If you dont want to get robbed you may want to look into some of the available open source solutions. For 1/16th the cost of the products listed above you can get started today.


    Hello Jim.

    I agree with the part about the A200 being a piece of ……t.
    Stay away from that one like it have a virus inside.

    About qtelnet, most people hat tried stand by it like they are very happy with it.

    The price of the Multitech is way out ,compared with the others.

    About open source: It could be, but there are a lot of people like me out there, that do not know how to program, compile or change thos open sources.

    Of course, I could learn it, but if you are selling minutes, that is not exactlety the fast way to get online.

    Most people that could handle those open source programs, they are not bussiness person, they are programers.

    Some others neeed and will like just to pays and go to the next step, just selling services.

    I guess is the same old argument about using or driving a car without knowing what is under the hood.


    I have 60 QTelNet units in place right now that are forwarding incoming DID calls out to various FXS gateways across the net, I highly reccommend them for their voice quality, ease of set-up and compatibility. I have interfaced them with Ericsson webswitch 100’s and Quintum gear. ( both of these require a bit of advance telnet configuration ). My suggestion, grab a pair of webswitch 100’s of ebay for $230US ( India end ) and get 4 QTelNet FXO’s for the US end.


    Hold the horses!!!!!!!

    Gary, are you saying that you got the Ericsson 100 to work with the Quintum gateways???

    I need to talk with you!! I tried and failed on that task. Could you e-mail me




    I got the webswitch 100 talking and negotiating codecs with the Quintum gear that my VoIP LD provider uses. email me for more info. I have the telnet manual which may help you out as well!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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