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Reply To: webswitch 100 p4


send me your questions..

try telnetting to the unit and typing the following command at the MXP> prompt:
set tmsu cfg 0 0 udp 1720
and replace the X’s with the NAT IP address. Works for me!

Naeem, with the configurator software ( in the installation directory ) there is a file made to work with the ericsson boxes so that they are compatible with cisco. if you dont have the file I am talking about email me. you just need to do a parameter restore with this file.

When talking from ericsson to Quintum, the fast start does not seem to be compatible, use the command:
set h323 out_fast_start off
at the MXP prompt.

you might also need to set the h245 terminal type to a lower number so the cisco/quintum box becomes the master unit in the codec negotiation process.

one more thing, at the MXP> prompt, type:
spy hsmu 1
this will allow you to see the call setup as it is being processed.

Good luck guys,